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₪VOICE - 005₪

I know it looks @#$%&@# bad... he ain't here like he should be, but it's Cloud we're talkin' about. If yer jus' thinkin' that wherever he's gotten off to he's gonna be sittin' on that spikey ass of his, yer @#$%&@# wrong!

I know 'im better than that. Tifa... ya had a better influence on 'im than that. Damn punk's gonna be workin' his ass off to do what's right. Least, he damn well better be, or I'll be kickin' his @#$ $&@# @#$%&@# ass when I see 'im next!!

... [There's a long pause. He's low on steam because, even if he won't admit it, shit just doesn't feel right without Cloud around.] ...

Hey, Nabs. Gonna be out for a bit today. Gonna check on Tifa, an' make sure the others are awright, too.
Tags: $#@*$#!!, all for show, creeper yuffie, gawsh he swears a lot, grown men don't cry, he hides it well, nabsy, spiky ass cloud, super tifa, the storm will come later, voice post, wtf spooky
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