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₪VOICE - 001₪

Awright... which one of you bozo's is responsible for this, huh? Some funny **** goin' on here - wherever the ******* hell HERE is!

An' what the hell's this thing? Some new upgraded PHS? Better be. Last ******* one was broken!

Cloud, yer spiky ass around here? Probably don't know **** all, as usual! Get me somebody who knows! Tifa's a good girl, knows her stuff... don't talk smack, either, like some other little **** I know.

Speakin' of Tifa... DAMN IT, WHERE THE HELL IS MARLENE, WOMAN?! She's here with you, right? Damn well better be! My little girl better be snug as a bug in a rug, or someone's head's gonna be ******* rollin'!
Tags: $#@*$#!!, baby girl marlene, gawsh he swears a lot, heads are gonna roll, phs, spiky ass cloud, super tifa, voice post
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