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...there ain't no getting offa this train we're on...!

Barret Wallace
"I'm not allowed to stop fightin'. If my fightin' means somebody else doesn't have to, then that's my calling. No, my penance."

Deaths: 0
Memories Lost: None
Nabooru: A Gerudo thief whom Barret is living with at present. Her fiery spirit and hit-em-hard personality are both factors in why he likes her so much, but her natural beauty helps, too. Of those not from his own world, she is his best friend, and a woman he'd do almost anything for.

Cloud: A comrade from his home world, and Barret's best friend. They have been through a great deal together, and if Cloud asked, there's little Barret would deny him. Those he can turn to, and those he trusts in are few, but Cloud tops those ranks.

Tifa: Tifa is family, even if she and Barret are not actually related. As a woman Barret respects her, and as a friend he worships the ground she walks on. She's looked after Marlene for him in the past, and anyone he trusts his daughter with must rank pretty damn high on the list of those he cares about. He's well aware of Vincent leering at her, too. Sadly, he seems to be about the only one that notices it. He's got his eye on you, Vinny.

Vincent: Punching bag. Friend. Comrade in arms. Spooky. Barret's not entirely sure what to make of Vincent... but he likes him well enough. They're not enemies, even if he doesn't agree with a lot of Vincent's choices. He's waiting for you to quit Shin-Ra, buddy... and waiting to welcome you back with a kick in the ass.

Yuffie: Partner in mischief.

Rufus: Barret has next to nothing good to say about this man. Most anyone involved with Shin-Ra is OTL in his opinion... but Rufus isn't the old president. Rufus has come a long way since before Weapon attacked. Rufus isn't the one that ordered the attack on his home town, killing his wife, and countless innocents, giving birth to all of Barret's anger and hatred toward them. He understands all of that, he gets told it often enough by everyone, but there's still something about him that Barret doesn't like. It might be that smug little smirk ever present on Rufus' face... or it could very well be just an old grudge Barret will never fully put behind him.
character factoids
Age: 37

Appearance: Barret is a little over average height (6'5) with cropped dark hair that he wears braided tightly back against his scalp. His beard is neatly trimmed, accentuating a strong jaw, and expressive facial features. His eyes are a vivid and warm brown. He often wears netted shirts and is partial to vests, comfortable trousers, and sturdy boots. His left arm bears a tribal tattoo upon it, while the right was long ago mechanized and can take on the form of a large gun, or hand, at his choosing.

Fighting Style: Primarily uses his gun arm, a variety of limit breaks, and some foul language.

Likes: All of his friends, his daughter Marlene, kicking the crap out of Shin-Ra, protecting the planet

Dislikes: Sephiroth, Shin-Ra, that damn headless spook Jenova, Vinny running around with the Turks

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E-mail: bertarded@yahoo.com
Time Zone: EST
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